Company E, 48th Illinois Infantry

submitted by David A, Stumpf, M.D., Ph.D.
1101 Alpine Lane; Woodstock, IL 60098

List of all Co E. 48th Illinois Infantry Soldiers

The information on Co. E comes from a review of soldier's, widow's and minor's pensions; correspondance with soldiers' descendents; and partial review of the Units books: Description Book and Regnt'l Description & Letter Book in the National Archives.  


Captain Issac N. Hughey

Capt. Isaac N. Hughey (A physician)

Father: John R. Hughey
Mother: Mary Crider
Born: November 4, 1840, Piney Fork, Crittenden Co., Kentucky
Died: April 16, 1908, Pomona, California
Married: C. Rosa "Rosie" McCoy, October 18, 1870, Princeton, Caldwell Co., Kentucky
May 30,1900 lives at 288 W 2nd St., Pomona, Los Angeles Co., Calif.

Scott Lee writes: "Capt Issac N Hughey of Co E was a brother of my gr gr gr grandfather, William Allen Hughey. Both brothers were physicians. After the war Issac moved to the Dakota Territory where he lived for a number of years. He eventually moved (I have the exact date somewhere) to Pomona, CA where he died of blood poisoning several days after cutting his finger while operating on a patient. Over the years I have done some work on Issac and would be glad to send you copies. I have a copy of his obituary, death certificate, photo of his grave and a photo of Issac. The problem I've had researching Issac is that he had no children therefore no descendants I might track down.

You might be interested to know that I have Issac and William Allen's complete CW pension/medical files. I also have a medical book (Southern Family Physician, New Orleans, 1853) that belonged to William Allen. In addition I have a few of William Allen's very crude medical tools. One of his sons was a blacksmith who made them for him. I have several photos of William Allen (including one supposedly taken in the field which he sent home to his wife to show he was well). I only have one photo of Issac.

Have you seen the Illinois monument at the Vicksburg National Battlefield? Inside the monument are bronze plaques listing, by regiment, by company, each of the men that participated in the battle. Issac and William A are listed."

Capt. J. G. Young

Lt. George W. L. Nesbitt

Born: ca 1842 Post Office is Ford's Ferry, Kentucky in 1899


Corporal Anderson Avitts

Corpl. Anderson Avitts

Born: Mar. 14, 1843 Hardin Co., Illinois Died: Nov. 27, 1877 Weston, Crittenden Co., Kentucky Father: Averatts, William H. (c1814->1850) Mother: Brown, Tabitha ( -1848/49) M1: Burklow, Carolyn Rebecca (1844-1873) Mar. 3, 1863 Weston, Crittenden Co., Kentucky M2: Cain, Margaret Penecia (1840-c1907) Jan. 11, 1874 Weston, Crittenden Co., Kentucky Buried, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Crittenden Co., Kentucky with Military headstone. Tentmate of William C. Farmer. One of Farmer's wives was the daughter of Anderson Avitt's half-brother, William Garland of Hardin Co., IL

His photograph in uniform, shown at the right, is at the U. S. Army Photo Archives

Anderson Avitts is the great-great grandfather of David A. Stumpf, M.D., Ph.D. the webpage author.

The military pension files reveal many details of his life. He was a member of the United Baptist Church. He never met Margaret Cain until after Caroline's death. Half brother William Garland was living near Lamb, Hardin Co., Illinois in 1895. His widow, at this time, recounted Anderson's moves:

"{I} resided about 2 miles east of Weston. ... When the soldier was discharged, he lived first about 2 miles northeast of Marion ... and carried on a shop. ... next moved down toward the river to the old Iron Furnace and carried on a shop there. ... He next moved to Newmarket, Gallatin Co., Ill. He only lived there two or three years. He carried on a shop as I was married to him while he lived there, but we came to Weston in this county about two weeks after. ... About Feb 1, 1874 we came to Weston and the soldier ran a shop. ... We moved from Weston to this place the first day of March 1877. Mr. Avitts never did any work after he came out here. He would be up and down around the house until the Saturday before he died."

James M. Walker, his comrade in Co E 48th Illinois Infantry and later his business partner noted in 1895 that Avitts had lived "near Clay Lick and was always with the Rushing boys, William and John. William is dead, but John is living at Golconda, Illinois." William Rushing had married Anderson Avitts' sister.

Anderson Avitts became very sick with diabetes mellitus after the war and apparently withered away from its ravages. His wife, Caroline died in July 1873 in Newmarket, leaving 3 small children. Anderson remarried Margaret P. Cain in January 1874. His state of health is a bit difficult to ascertain at this time because the reports about it are not consistent in the pension applications. He continued to deteriorate and died in 1877. He is buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery; a veteran's stone marks the grave. His widow's pension application vividly describes the tragic natural history of this now treatable disease:

"I was married to Anderson Avitts Jan 11, 1874. His health was very bad at that date. Was taken down about Aug 1876. Was not able to walk any after that date. Was under the care of Dr. S. M. Truitt and took medicine continuously. His symptoms as I remember them were as follows * constant thirst * could drink water continually. Ravenous appetite. Could eat more than two well men. Craved candy sugar and mollases (sic) * passed at least five gallons of urine per day -- urine contained so much sugar that it was sticky and could be smelled anywhere about the house. His breathe was very oppressive. He had pain in back and hips, his feet and legs were swollen the last week or two that he lived. He was reduced to a mere skeleton and his skin was dry. Dr. Truitt is dead but he told me frequently that my husband had diabetes or sugar of the liver. My husband died Nov 27, 1877."
Margaret P. Cain

The family Bible records were recorded in the Civil War pension records:


J. M. Walker, aged 46 years, P.O. address Iron Hill, Crittenden Co Ky ... states that he has examined the family record kept by said Anderson Avitts in his family Bible and that he was acquainted with the hand writing of said Avitts & knows the same to be in his own handwritting & the following is a true copy of same, towit: "Births"
"William Henry Avitts son of A Avitts was born June the 8th 1866"
"Laura Voden Avitts was born Nov 3rd 1868"
"Luther Smith Avitts was born Feby 27th 1870."
"Arthur Avitts son of Anderson & Margaret P. Avitts was born March 14th 1875."
"Caroline Rebecca Avitts, wife of Anderson Avitts departed this life July 4th 1873."
Also the following record is in said Family record, but not in the handwritting of said Anderson Avitts, "Viz: 'Deaths'
"Anderson Avitts departed this life November the 24th 1877."
"Luther Smith Avitts died June 13th 1888."

Anderson Avitts estate was not settled until May 19, 1880! It summarizes his many creditors with bills totaling $458.37. The Estate had only $66.39. The administrator took his fee of $25.14, leaving $41.25 for the creditors. They each got 9 on the dollar (41.25/458.37 = 0.09).

There was one additional child from Margaret Cain. After Anderson's death, Margaret raised the children until they were grown, except for Luther who died. Wm. H. Avitts and Laura Davis signed an affidavit in 1899 in support of Margaret's pension claim:

"W. H. Avitts, aged 23 years, P.O. Weston, Ky and Laura V.Davis aged 21 years, P.O. Marion, Ky ... state they are children of said Anderson Avitts and that his first wife their mother Caroline Rebecca Avitts died on the 4th day of July 1873, that they were at that time 7 and 5 years of age only, but they have a very distinct recolection (sic) of their said mothers death, & that they are enabled to give the date from their family record kept by their father."

Sometime later, Margaret left for Erath County, Texas and apparently died there. Her last widow's pension payment was for $8.00 on May 4, 1907. Why this move occurred is not entirely clear. From the births of Laura's children, we know she lived in Texas, probably seeking her Burklow relatives who moved there in the 1870s. Laura's daughter Wenonah recalled memories from her childhood in both locations, indicating that moves back and forth likely occurred.

There's an interesting story involving Anderson Avitts in the James Lewis notes.

Enoch Bebout

born 9 Aug 1830 Wayne Co, OH; died 14 Dec 1906 and buried Smyrnia Cemetery, Hardin Co, IL. Father: Abraham Bebout Mother: Elizabeth VanOstrand Enoch married 4 times: (1) Mary Hannah Todd 24 Apr 1852 (2) Mary Marley 3 Mar 1857 (3) Susan Thurmond 2 Dec 1859 (4) Mrs. Nancy (Hoover) Moore Belt 8 Nov 1867 Information by Brenda Joyce Jerome.

Clinton Belt

Born: 1843 Bedford Co., Tennessee Carrsville, Livingston Co., KY in 1900 (see Wm Farmer pension file)

4th Sergeant William Lafayette Campbell

b. April 5, 1844 in Greene Co., Illinois d. March 6, 1904 Coyle, Logan Co., Oklahoma m1: Dec 25, 1866 Emily A. McElroy (1844-1883) m2: April 7, 1892 Laura Ann Culver (1871-1956) Resided in Fredonia, Wilson Co., Kansas where he applied for a pension and where his first wife died. A story in the family says Will swam the river to join the Union Army while his brothers fought for the South. Another family story says Will and the brothers who were fighting for the South used to sneak out at night and meet each other then sneak back to camp. Enlisted Sept. 14, 1861 in Crittenden Cnty., Ky. mustered out Aug. 15, 1865. Declaration For Original Invalid Pension dated Feb. 2, 1885. He reported a wound to his left hand during the War. The gr-gr granddaughter: Jill Crist Hornung; Oak Harbor, WA.  

Charles Harrison Chandler

Born: ca. 1842 Smith Co., Tennessee Avitts' pension records note (in 1895) that he lived in Mulnow, Indian Territories (now Oklahoma) and had previously (age 47 years) lived at Alma, Crawford Co., Arkansas

Samuel A. Davidson

born: about 1834-5 Smith Co., Tennessee Married Miss Sarah A. Riley 6 May 1857 Crittenden Co. living near Marion, Crittenden Co., KY in 1895.

Henry Clay Farmer see below under Hugh McMaster

Serg. William C. Farmer

Born: circa 1841 Smith Co., Tennessee Died: Mar. 30, 1912 Hardin Co., Illinois M1: Clark, Nancy M. ( -1893) Marion, Crittenden Co., Kentucky M2: Garland, Nancy Jane (1862-1927) Dec. 2, 1896 Bride's Residence, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Illinois Pension Application: Invalid 596711; widow 12838430 Pension certificates: Invalid 413590; widow 968527 Buried, Beaver Cemetery, Hardin Co., Illinois with Military Headstones Lived in Tolu, Crittenden Co., KY in 1895

Hadsen C. Hill

Born: ca. 1840 Crittenden Co., Kentucky P.O. Marion, Crittenden Co., Kentucky at age 45 years (data from James Lewis pension file) Parker, Yakima Co., Washington on June 14, 1899 (data from Wm Rushing pension file)

John W. Jarrells

Enlisted Sep 1861 and mustered out Sep 1864 East Point, GA. Died Nov 1880 and buried Bells Mines Cemetery, Crittenden Co, with a government-issued tombstone. He married Sarah Mandina Johnston at Battery Rock, Hardin Co, IL Oct 1864. Following John W. Jarrells' death, Sarah M. married John B. Clark 2 Jan 1888 in Crittenden Co. Sarah M. applied for a pension for her "afflicted" son, Robert R. Jarrells, who was born 17 Apr 1875. (Pension #505910). Before the War, John W. Jarrells was a shopkeeper in Bells Mines. After the War, he was a miner, but was unable to work due to contracting measles while in the Army and being left somewhat disabled. (Information from Brenda Joyce Jerome

James H. Kimsey

Father: David Kimsey M1: Martha Shoemaker 1 Apr 1839 Livingston Co, KY M2: Elizabeth Ann Belt (dau of Arthur Belt) 29 Oct 1846 Crittenden Co, KY James H. Kimsey appears on the 1850 Crittenden Co, KY census. He is buried at White's Chapel Cemetery, Crittenden Co, with a government tombstone (no dates). Information from Brenda Joyce Jerome

James Lewis

Father: William Lewis ( -1872) Mother: Martha Rebecca Vaughn
He was murdered by a bushwhacker or ex-Confederate soldier in 1864 while home on furlough. Anderson Avitts shot and wounded the bushwhacker, Babinson, who was taken into Federal custody. A descendent of James Lewis' mother is Brenda Joyce Jerome; 8299 Greencrest Dr, Newburgh, IN 47630 (home) or PO Box 325, Newburgh, IN 47629-0325 (business).
Brenda Joyce Jerome writes further: "Wm. Lewis married Martha Rebecca Vaughn and they were the parents of James Lewis. Wm. ran off (took up with a hussy, so the legend goes!) and left Martha Rebecca to rear the younger children. She applied for a pension as she had absolutely no means of support. Wm. had mortgaged their little piece of land and it, of course, was lost. Wm. is reputed to have died in Illinois in the early 1870's before Martha R. applied for a pension. The mother's pension was filed under James' name (#299777)."

Mancel/Mansel Mason

Father: Caswell Mason b NC Mother: Frances "Fanny" Holeman b NC M: Cassandria J. Grisson (dau of Thos. Grisson) 20 Nov 1845, Crittenden Co, KY. Mansel's brothers, Joseph O. and John W., served in Co E, 48th IL also, according to a sketch on Joseph Mason in "Hardin Co, IL Past & Present," Turner Pub. Co, 1987 Information from Brenda Joyce Jerome.

Hugh McMaster

Matt Balocca writes:

Born: Atlantic Ocean on 7 Jan (either 1837, 1840, or 1841, but most often given as 1840).
Died 2 Jul 1925.

There is also an interesting connection with Hugh and the 48th. Hugh McMaster went with his buddy, Henry Clay Farmer, of the 48th Illinois Infantry, Company E on a furlough and met Henry's sister, Susan Elizabeth Farmer. After the war, on March 27, 1866, they were married by the Rev. Wiley Smart. Hugh and Elizabeth lived in the Hurricane and Tolu, Kentucky community. Susan Elizabeth FARMER was born about 1858 in Tennessee. She died on 27 Apr 1907. Hugh MCMASTER and Susan Elizabeth FARMER had the following children:
  1. Luella E. MCMASTER was born on 11 Oct 1869 in Kentucky.
  2. Elizabeth MCMASTER.
  3. Willie C MCMASTER.
  4. Lillis MCMASTER was born on 20 Aug 1875.
  5. James P MCMASTER was born about 1877.
  6. Ather B. MCMASTER.
  7. Robert Clyde MCMASTER.
  8. Rosa Irene MCMASTER.
  9. Beulah MCMASTER was born on 4 Oct 1890.
Hugh appeared on the census in May 1865 in Burlingame TWP, Osage County, Kansas. He appeared on the census in 1870 in Hurricane, Crittenden County, Kentucky. He appeared on the census in 1880 in Hurricane Precinct, Crittenden County, Kentucky. He resided in 1899 in 18 Miles NW of Marion, Kentucky. He resided Tulu, Kentucky in 1914. He died on 2 Jul 1925. Death Record: Vol. 45, Cert 22299, Deathvol 26

I also checked the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois Vol 5 page 17: McMaster, Hugh residence: Bells, KY enlisted: Sept 14 Mustered: Sept 14. Remarks: re-enlisted as a veteran. His listing under Veterans: Residence: Ford's Ferry, KY, Enlisted: Jan 1 Mustered: Jan 19th. Remarks: Discharged wounds, June 25, 1865."

Hugh McMaster, 48th Ill Inf. Company E, was thought to be either a brother or a cousin of my great-great-great grandfather John McMaster. I now believe that he is a brother of my ancestor John. John's obituary in The Eskridge Tribune-Star (Eskridge, Kansas) August 27, 1814 reveals that Hugh, of Tolu, KY is a brother of John's. John served in the Second Kansas Volunteer Cavalry and married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Sarah Neill.

John Obrien/Obiren

was out of Caldwell Co., I think, writes Brenda Joyce Jerome. She has a John Obrien there and buried in an Obrien Cem (not tombstone), but finds that according to the census, the ages don't match.


All are sons of Wilson E. Rushing and Patricia Manley. Information provided by Shannon Tabor; 615 Price Avenue; Madisonville, KY 42431 who is descended from William H. Rushing and his third wife Matilda Manley.
Hugh M. Rushing
Born: 1839; Bedford Co., Tennessee. Enlisted September 14, 1861; wounded May 5, 1862, returning to duty June 1862. Died: June 4, 1864 of consumption (tuberculosis) at the General Hospital in Huntsville, AL. Never married.
Lemon J. Rushing
Born: 1837; Bedford Co., Tennessee Died: Paducah Hospital Apr 25, 1862 from wounds received in battle of Shiloh on April 7, 1862 Buried: Old Rushing Cemetery (near Crayne, Ky) with a military marker.
William Harrison Rushing
Born: March 1, 1841 Bedford Co., Tennessee Died: Oct. 21, 1873 Crittenden Co., Kentucky Buried: Old Rushing Cemetery (see above) M1: Averatts, Nancy C. (1840-1862) (sister of Anderson Avitts above) July 7, 1858 Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Illinois M2: Cole, Sarah Elizabeth (1846-1865) Sept. 27, 1862 Crittenden Co., Kentucky M3: Manly, Matilda (1851- ) May 12, 1866 His pension is listed under his other units: K17 KY Cav (Srgt) & B 48 KY Mtd Inf (1st Lt): Applications: Invalid 168072; Widow 713189; Minor 221726 Certificate: Invalid 120736; Widow 171097; Minor 199481. Lt. Rushing is buried in the Old Rushing Cemetery (difficult to find) on the south side of Crayne, Crittenden Co., KY behind the cycle shop.
John Tyler Rushing
Another brother of the other Rushings; not in the 48th Illinois Infantry. Born: Tennessee Died: May 5, 1929, Golconda, Illinois M1: Margaret R. Manley Oct 3, 1861 M2: Nora E. Owen Jan 15, 1924 Brownfield, Illinois. Rev. John T. Rushing was a minister in Golconda, Pope Co., Illinois. The pension records reveal a bitter confrontation with his second wife. His pension is listed under his other unit: B 48 KY Mtd Inf: Applications: Invalid 453344; Certificate: Invalid 373421 from that pension: "I am the sole surviver of nine brothers, who ware in the Union Army. Three died in service, five since, the last one about 20 years ago whose Widow, with myself, are the only pensioners now living in all the family." That widow is Matilda Woodall [8951] whose first husband was William Rushing. She and her husband Woodall assist John T. Rushing with affidavits.
Capt. Theodore Rushing (died of consumption at Louisville, May 21, 1862), Reuben Rushing, Jesse Rushing and Joseph Rushing, other brothers, were in the 20th Kentucky Infantry.

Isam N. Smith

Born: ca. 1838 Tennessee Avitts' pension affidavit gives his age as 54 years and address at P.O. Craynedille, Kentucky

Serg. J. M. Walker

Born: about 1843 Crittenden Co., Kentucky Living near Iron Hill (now Deanwood), Crittenden Co., Kentucky in 1895. He was a business partner of Anderson Avitts in Crittenden Co., Ky.