Wives & Widows of 48th Illinois Infantry

submitted by David A, Stumpf, M.D., Ph.D.
1101 Alpine Lane; Woodstock, IL 60098

Wives & Widows

The review of pensions reveals marriages that further tied this Unit together. A soldier's widow might later marry another member of the unit. Here is some information on these women. Soldiers in the 48th are designated by an asterisk (*).

Nancy C. Avitts

Born: Apr. 12, 1841 Hardin Co., Illinois. Died: July 12, 1862 Crittenden Co., Kentucky. Father: Averatts, William H. (c1814->1850). Mother: Brown, Tabitha (c1813-1848/49). M1: Rushing, William Harrison (1841-1873) July 7, 1858 Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Illinois. She was the sister of Anderson Avitts

Carolyn Rebecca Burklow

Other name: Callie
Born: June 15, 1844
Died: July 4, 1873 New Market, Gallatin Co., Illinois
Father: Burklow, Uriah S. (1820-1876)
Mother: Ragsdale, Laurinda Voden (1825/7-1894)
M1: Anderson Avitts Mar. 3, 1863 Weston, Crittenden Co., Kentucky. They had three children: William Henry Avitts, Laura Voden Avitts, and Luther Smith Avitts

Margaret P. Cain

Born: Jan. 11, 1840 Kentucky
Died: circa 1907 Texas
M1: Anderson Avitts Jan. 11, 1874 Weston, Crittenden Co., Kentucky. They had one child: Arthur A. Avitts.

Nancy Jane Garland

Born: Feb. 13, 1862 Hardin Co., Illinois Died: Nov. 21, 1927 Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Illinois Father: William S. Garland (1832-1909) Mother: Nancy Jane Mahan (1833-1914) M1: Cook, John F. ( -1892) 1881 M2: Foreman, Frank ( -1895) June 4, 1893 Bride's Residence, Hardin Co., Illinois M3: Farmer, William C. (c1841-1912) Dec. 2, 1896 Bride's Residence, Hardin Co., Illinois M4: Miles, John Wesley (1847-1925) Sept. 7, 1913 Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois

Elsa J. Gustin

Born: July 4, 1847 Indiana Died: Mar. 4, 1913 Rose Clare, Hardin Co., Illinois Father: A. Austin Mother: ? Lyons M1: Samuel C. Oxford (later divorced) *M2: Miles, John Wesley (1847-1925) 1874
"The second wife of John W. Miles, Alsa J. GUSTIN was my Miles's 1st wife Belle, ran off with Alsa's husband Samuel C. Oxford (my Both couples were later married. I have been trying to establish Belle's last name for years. I have found it as Mathews, Mathis and McPherson. Alsa GUSTIN was born 4 July 1844 in Switzerland County, IN (1847 is given in some records, but 1844 appears to be the correct date). She was the daughter of Amassa GUSTIN and Eleanor LYONS. I have more on the descendants if you are interested." Submitted by: Valerie Phillips Gildehaus