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Health Care Innovation Broker
As a physician executive, I've been in many sectors of the healthcare industry, which enables me to guide clients and mentees through the complexities of the industry and open up opportunities. My expertise includes early stage companies, merger and acquisition, and a variety of health information technology areas (workflows, common ontologies supporting evidence based rules, clinical decision support, coordination of care, assessment of competencies, practice improvement, preferences, and new reimbursement strategies). As an MD, PhD, I am a Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (NUFSM) and President and lead consultant at Woodstock Health Information and Technology. I mentor early stage companies @MATTER. I  served the Illinois State Medical Society as a Member of their House of Delegates and the Council on Economics. In summary, I have held executive and leadership roles in academic, clinical practice, hospital, professional society, and payer venues.
As a boy when family would gather, I could always be found asking questions and as young as 8 years old I began documenting stories and collecting demographics, pictures and documents. Through years of travel, I have gathered and organized thousands of records found through family members and at court houses, archives, churches, cemeteries, libraries and through online genealogy search engines, to name a few. Combining my experience as an MD and PhD in healthcare and academia, I have become an expert in genealogical research, with a specialty expertise in Dutch records. As a retired pediatric neurologist I have also become an expert in the complexities of DNA use in genealogy. I manage several DNA projects where I have identified and recruited many to trace and verify lines of common ancestors. As a result of my thorough research and analytical skills, I have contracted with individuals and successfully assisted in their
genealogy research. One of my favorite genealogical endeavors is my development of  a customized platform that I digitally organize and preserve pictures, documents and crosslink numerous facts.  At the end of the day, this is all great and impressive...but what really matters is the joys of my life -- my wife, four children and eleven grandchildren who I enjoy hosting at our 6 acre retreat style get away home in Woodstock, Illinois affectionately known as the Omapa Lodge.



Areas of Expertise

Genealogy Consultant


DNA & Ethics


"Retired" Physician

Staying young on the
Frontiers of healthcare

It's hard to retire when the passion remains. Skills as a master clinician fade without constant contact with patients and the continuous learning they stimulate. But us old hands bring experience, might I say, wisdom to guide colleagues. It is invigorating to work with entrepreneurs and watch them thrive!