David A Stumpf, MD, PhD

Genealogy Resume

NameDavid A Stumpf, MD, PhD
Portrait by Ben McCurdy
commissioned by Northwestern University
Address1101 Alpine Ln
Woodstock, IL 60098

Education & Experience
Lewis & Clark College, Portland, ORB.A.1966
University of Colorado Medical School, Denver, COM.D. cum laude1972
University of Colorado Graduate School, Boulder, COPhD1972
Lifelong genealogist for my extended family.
Genealogy software developer and data management expertise.
Genealogy approaches leveraging my medical, research, informatics, information
technology and genetics backgrounds.

Selected Reseach VenuesNewberry Library; Chicago, IL
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC
Numerous US County Court Houses and regional online resources
State Archives (IL, NC, TN, MO)
Family Tree DNA
Genealogical SocietiesNational Genealogical Society
Association for Professional Genealogists
New England Historic Genealogical Society
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
Illinois State Genealogical Society
McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society
Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois

Standards Organization MembershipsFamily History Information Standards Organisation

Technology SkillsNeo4j Graph database (rapid path queries and association visualization)
SQL Server geography datatype (nearest neighbors)
Google maps API
Newberry Library County Shape files (boundaries by date)
Genetics (autosomal, Y, and X chromosome analytics; mitochrondrial DNA)
Image and PDF annotation (crosslinking individuals)
Medical Informatics (Vital record and other reporting)
Provenance of genealogical data (proper attribution)
Data quality testing

LanguagesEnglish; limited reading of Dutch
Selected Appointments
Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology; Northwestern University Medical School; Chicago. IL1989-1998
Senior Vice President for Clinical Data Strategies; United Health Group2005-2011
Professor Emeritus; Northwestern University 2005-present
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